The Book of Ruth


This month we celebrated Valentine’s day so I thought I’d talk about my favorite love story of all time. The Book of Ruth.

It is a short book, consisting of only 4 chapters (in comparison, the book of Isaiah has 66 chapters) but I like to think of them as 4 Acts. While chapters in other books of the bible seem to start and stop at will, each chapter in the book of Ruth leads into the next -much like the acts of a play. Each act is created the same way. You find out everything you need to know about the characters and events within the first four scriptures, then watch the event unfold, with a turning point located at the midway mark. These events then set you up for the next act and then the cycle repeats.

I guess you can call this post a “book review” or “study guide” of the Book of Ruth. I’m going to call it a “hodgepodge of my favorite tidbits and reoccurring themes” -like the commentary in the special features section of a DVD. I will try to stay cohesive, but I will not apologize for the amount of parenthesis that are in this post.

Oh by the way, this is an interactive post, so go get your bible.

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