This blog is a part of Singles Seeking First Ministry. Singles Seeking First provides encouragement, information, and opportunities to singles as they live out their Christian faith. This blog exists so that we (the bloggers) can express our struggles and feelings as it relates to being a young, christian single and to offer encouragement to our readers who may be facing similar struggles. There are currently three bloggers: Holly, Roune’, and Annette.


Holly here with a little bit about myself. I enjoy reading, counted cross stitch, chick flick movies, and am very active in the pro-life movement on a local level as I continue to volunteer for a crisis pregnancy center. I feel a lot of times within our churches, singles, unintentionally, get pushed aside while the most attention seems to center more on the youth and married couples. I’ve joined this group because I too would love to see it be a place where we can be such an encouragement towards each other AND also a place to connect with other singles.


A little bit about myself: I love God, cats, books, thriller/science fiction movies, and nail art. I also love writing as a form of self-expression. This is why I decided to be a blogger for Singles Seeking First. It helps me to organize and process my thoughts. When I sit down and write I find out things about myself that I might not have ever found out otherwise. I’m forced to slow down and to really think about who I am, what I am feeling and what I believe. I hope that I can connect with people who are in a similar stage in their life and that we can encourage each other.


My reason for writing for this blog is purely selfish, I’m using this as an outlet for my musings. A few of my favorite things include: crock pot dinners, large cups of tea, Saturdays, and the words “so” and “um” (especially when they are used together).

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