Why do bad things happen to good people? (Part 1)


I feel like you can’t have a discussion about God without this question coming up. And I feel like you can’t have this question without someone responding with “sometimes God tests us…” I have always hated that response. “…sometimes God tests us…” That statement always conjures up, in me, this image of a God sitting on his throne in heaven playing chess and we are the pieces. I think one of the reasons why I’ve hated that statement is because it tends to get thrown around too much. And it tends to get thrown around by people who don’t fully understand that sentence any more than I do. It is a response they’ve heard, it sounded pretty good, and it filled a gap. But a God that lets bad things to happen, then sits back to watch how I react, is a God I want nothing to do with.

But you, reader, are in luck. I don’t believe that I am a chess piece and I don’t believe that God sits back.  Continue reading